Track Amazon Competitors With Latest Features From Tinuiti’s MobiusX Technology [Release Notes Q1 2022]

MobiusX is our powerful AI-enabled eCommerce activation tool that uses product data as the foundation on which your media, bid, and feed strategies are optimized across campaigns for maximum profitability. MobiusX continually evolves to sell more of your product, faster, across all the industry’s top marketplaces. In an effort to share our tech updates and capabilities, Tinuiti produces MobiusX Release Notes on a quarterly basis to share our product updates to power your performance. Stay tuned for next quarter’s release notes and learn more about our technology here.

– David Weichel, VP, Product Development at Tinuiti Relevant Audience: Amazon Clients
“With the addition of this new feature, our clients can now see how they and their competitors are trending over time to surface insights like seasonality, growth of emerging brands, and much more.”

Our Solution 
Our Solution  The Challenge: 

  • Advertisers want more visibility in understanding how their keyword strategies impact their SOV metrics and presence on the digital shelf 

Our Solution:

  • With Keyword Tags, advertisers can now create bespoke groupings to view SOV metrics by relevant keyword strategies 
  • Now brands can understand what keyword strategies build and maintain share while also learning where there are opportunities for improvement
  • Keyword Tags can be modified as needed over time as advertising strategies evolve

This new feature has been available from March 2022

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