8 Trending AI Conversion Optimization Applications That Will Improve Your Conversion Rate

29th May 2019 – Shoelace is all about showing the right ads to the right customers at the right time. As a next-level retargeting AI-based tool, Shoelace creates memorable experiences that actually build brand equity

Inclusive Web Design 101: Basic Principles and Best Practices of Inclusive Web Design

27th May 2019 – These are just basic tips for inclusive web design. You can find a more comprehensive list here. According to Google, touch targets should be a minimum of 48*48px. This ensures that

[VIDEO] The Quick (and Easy) Start to Omnichannel Optimization for Your Business

Blog/Optimization 27th May 2019 – Omnichannel started out as a buzzword, but fast forward to 2019 and it is essential to the growth and stability of most businesses in the market. The problem is omnichannel

B2B vs B2C SEO: 5 Things Every Marketer Should Know

24th May 2019 – The life cycle of sales in B2B and B2C are poles apart. In B2C, consumers often make impulse purchases, and the sales cycle is usually short. In B2B, however, the sales

Top 11 Video Marketing Trends That Will Dominate in 2019 and Beyond

17th May 2020 – A great example of their use is by digital marketing expert, Neil Patel. His video blogs include subtitles and transcripts, making them more accessible. You can use Stories to show behind-the-scenes

How can You Run More A/B Tests Per Month? Setting up a CRO Program with High Test Velocity

21st May 2019 – Tests can be inconclusive. And so all learning needs to go back into the testing mix and be used to come up with better and more refined ideas and hypotheses. Which

Intelligent Tracking Protection 2.1 and Convert

17th May 2019 – You can understand how this can skew your experiment’s results, especially if you’ve a large audience share using the Safari browser. Since the new cookie duration restrictions apply only to browser-created

4 Effective Ways to Provide a Unique Personalized Shopping Experience for Every Customer

14th May 2019 – We all love getting a good deal. Sometimes, we will even go out of our way if it means we get something for free or at a lower cost. This is

The Top 7 Conversion Rate Optimization Conferences to Attend in 2019

06th May 2019 – And if you understand Dutch, do check out Emerce Conversion in Amsterdam. It brings together some world-class CRO practitioners who share tons of actionable CRO wisdom. Digital Growth Unleashed isn’t 100%

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