7 A/B Testing Examples that Have Actually Worked (Made Possible with Convert Integrations)

Start by integrating Convert Experiences with your Shopify website. And set up goal tracking either via Google Analytics or manually. Then find out which areas of your store customers are having issues with by using

Ecommerce Trends Spotted Before, During and Post Lockdown: The Seven Stages of The Coronavirus Pandemic [Part 2]

Obvious behavior pattern shifts – an increase in streaming, the uptick in ecommerce and a gravitation toward online food delivery – were accelerating long before the novel coronavirus even existed. Even spending more time at

Ecommerce Trends Spotted Before, During and Post Lockdown: The Seven Stages of The Coronavirus Pandemic [Part 1]

Social distancing and self-isolation recommendations are decisively affecting the way we entertain ourselves. People turn to online audio and video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify. With event venues, cinemas, museums (and even

Type I and Type II Errors: The Inevitable Errors in Optimization Experiments

Every once in a while, you WILL conclude an experiment wrongly. But that’s part of the testing process. Investigating and retesting or following up on your successful or failed experiments is one way to reaffirm

Can A/B Testing Hurt Your Business? 4 Ways Using the Wrong A/B Testing Tool Can Hurt Your Business

A wrong CRO tool may just be one with tons of features you are currently underutilizing. A 2019 Gartner study says while investment in Martech has grown, 42% of marketers in the UK and North

Why Remote Works

Everyone in the company can follow any role in Asana. Unless they are confidential, all tasks are public by default and assigned to the role in charge. This avoids silos and people holding on to

5 of the Best Ways to Increase Conversions through Influencer Marketing

If you want to boost your conversions, you need to leverage influencer marketing. It can take your conversion rate to the next level. For instance, Instagram beauty influencer, Carrie, showcased how to use Green Clean

Installing your A/B Testing Tool Script with Tag Manager? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

But aren’t all client-side A/B testing tools susceptible to flickering, you ask? Do NOT install your A/B testing tool script via Tag Manager. In a study by Backlinko, the average Time To First Byte (TTFB)

A Guide to Building Content Relationships

Send an email making the case for why you think you should work together. Point out that you share a target audience. Then explain how the content project you have in mind will provide them

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