The 7 Best Free Social Media Management Tools in 2022

Crowdfire is a great free social media management tool if curation (and redistribution of your own content) are part of your content marketing strategy. Best free social media management tools in 2022 Buffer Friends+Me Later

What is the Spotify Algorithm & How it Works [2022]

– Carly Fipps, Programmatic Senior Specialist at Tinuiti “With millions of ad-supported listeners world-wide and robust targeting capabilities, it is a fantastic way to get in front of a desired audience. Its continued user growth

Google Topics Resembles Contextual Advertising

Since April 2022, Google has been testing a new, perhaps better, option, the aforementioned “Topics.” (I will refer to Topics, the ad feature, with a capital “T” — distinguishing it from lowercase topics in the

3 Keyword Tools for Search Intent

Another useful signal of search intent is a keyword’s cost per click in Google Ads. Advertisers are willing to pay more for keywords that drive sales. Hence commercial and transactional keywords tend to be more

What Does the Future of Web Privacy Look Like? [Updates in 2022 and Beyond]

Brands will, realistically, have to play ball with the new privacy requirements and adjust to the new normal. The push to privacy will impact all advertisers. Find out everything around new restrictions, cookies, IDFA, first-party

What is Contextual Targeting [And How Does It Work in a Post-Privacy World?]

 Online communities like Reddit embody everything that contextual targeting is about. Reddit has thousands of sub-groups (called “subreddits”) that each have their own niche interests.  In “Social Performance Marketing, As We Once Knew It, is

How to Find Your Target Audience in 5 Steps (With Examples!)

This last step might seem like an outlier in the process, but it is super important: You need to identify who your customer isn’t. Take the competitive ad example above. The team clearly decided

Barilla’s VP Data & Analytics: ‘at the end of the day, we want to get more people to enjoy our brilliant pasta’

Barilla’s Lyndsay Weir presenting at Econsultancy Live: CX 2022. Photo credit: ASV Photography Weir outlined three key components of a people-driven approach to data: use cases, quality data, and technology. “You’re going to have to

Charts: Global Funding of Non-fungible Tokens

— Non-fungible tokens are digital representations of any physical or virtual asset —  art, images, songs, videos, real estate — that are verified through blockchain technology. — According to the data, in Q4 2021, funding

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