Tinuiti’s Largest Annual Event Comes to NYC [And to a Screen Near You]

Check out this year’s agenda and take note of any sessions that pique your interest. What is Tinuiti Live? Steve Hoffman/Partner, McKinsey & Company/The Ecommerce Catch-22 of 2022: Solving the Paradox of Growth and Profitability

Top 15 Brands on Instagram, for Inspiration

Louis Vuitton Marvel Entertainment Instagram – Victoria’s Secret Following top brands on Instagram can help merchants understand what content works best and generate ideas for their own marketing campaigns. National Geographic Following top brands on

Measuring influencer marketing programmes

The influencer marketing industry has traditionally lacked benchmarks. There has never been industry consensus around the best way to measure, with widely differing approaches and methodologies in play. Every influencer collaboration is different, and as

Siegel+Gale’s Ben Osborne on what it means to be a consumer-led brand today

Brand Purpose Best Practice Guide To me, brands that get this right have accomplished 50 percent of the brand transformation task. Image: Ben Osborne How would you define a ‘consumer-led brand’? Does this mean aligning

5 Essential Questions to Ask in Every PPC Audit

Understanding which structure will serve you best comes down to the following business questions: Does your account structure support your business goals? Do you trust your conversion tracking? How well does your creative match your

14 New and Updated Online Video Tools

Snap x Cameo Advertiser Program Pinterest debuts TV Studio. The Pinterest TV Studio app allows creators to go live on Pinterest TV and use multiple devices for different camera angles. Currently, the app’s live-streaming tools

CX research needs to be BAU if it’s as important as marketing says it is

Of course, this sort of research still needs a custodian, and research teams sound a note of caution in the survey, with a majority worrying that ‘democratizing research will result in misleading or faulty research’.

Track Amazon Competitors With Latest Features From Tinuiti’s MobiusX Technology [Release Notes Q1 2022]

MobiusX is our powerful AI-enabled eCommerce activation tool that uses product data as the foundation on which your media, bid, and feed strategies are optimized across campaigns for maximum profitability. MobiusX continually evolves to sell

Efficiency Pro: Happy People Are More Productive

Pham is a global authority on productivity, speaking at conferences, teaching courses, and hosting a top podcast. I had a revelation after reading the book: Happy people are productive people. At the beginning of the

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