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  1. Filtering of projects and experiments –  to organize your project panel.
  2. Configuration of Convert to stop including the jQuery library – to improve the loading time of your website

While running a website it is important to keep a track of the loading time of its pages.  Loading time of web pages get affected while reducing the size and amount of files that are being forwarded to the users. But that is not the case with Convert. Since Convert serves its code from blazing fast CDN, you will notice that Convert experiments do not drop the speed for more than 1%. However, as a user, you may want to ensure that the speed of your website as good as possible.

Filtering of Projects and Experiments

If you want to learn more about this feature, please visit our Support Center here.
Convert has released its latest features  which are:
Keep in mind that if the JQuery libraries are not included in your website files and you also configure Convert to not include the JQuery files, then your experiment will not work. You must have at least one on your project. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. All the Projects
  2. Active, Own Projects
  3. Active, Shared Projects
  4. Inactive, Own Projects
  5. Inactive , Shared Projects

What we recommend is that you avoid sending JQuery code library twice. In order to implement all the experiments that you use on your website,  Convert makes use of JQuery Code Library so you must then avoid including JQuery files in the libraries that you forward to your users, or configure Convert to stop including the JQuery library. This will help you improve the loading time for your website.
This drop down box provides you with five options. You can select one or more options and accordingly your projects and experiments will be displayed. These five options are:

  1. Click on the Project Panel : newfeatures3
  2. Next click on on the flask icon :newfeatures4
  3. In order to view the full list click on the sheet icon which looks like this: newfeatures5

The first feature ‘Filtering of projects and experiments’ has been provided to organize the way that projects and experiments are displayed on the view panel. On the right hand side of the project panel you will find a drop down box with the name ‘ACTIVE, OWN PROJECTS AND ACTIVE, SHARE PROJECTS’. This is how it looks:

New Feature to Improve the Load Time of a Website

For more information about this feature, you can always visit our Support Center here.

Are you ready to do some A/B testing experiments? Looking forward to see you there!

ab testing
Convert serves its code from blazing fast CDN, you will notice that Convert experiments do not drop the speed for more than 1%

1. Go to My Projects and click on the icon pointed by the red arrow:


2. You will be presented a form to edit project settings. Click on ‘DO NOT INCLUDE JQUERY’. That’s it you have successfully configured Convert to not include JQuery files.

The benefit of this feature is that it allows you to save a lot of time and effort when you are working on multiple projects. You don’t have to manually search for each project. To filter the Active and Finished Experiments you can do the following:

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