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Google announced Google Optimize Beta at the Google Analytics Summit on July 9th, and we got the scoop with the first blog post. More information has come available when the Beta sign-up form was made public and included some of the interesting features that the Google Product Team is considering. Here is the list:

Most likely it will be an A/B testing tool and personalization tool. So, what to expect from a premium tool? Well, with Google Analytics Premium you get plenty of enterprise options at 0,000 USD a year (the price of GA Premium). It begs the question; will you add another 0,000 USD to your budget for this premium enterprise tool? Or will you give Convert Experiences a try where prices are more affordable? (Try our free trial for 15-days)

We have brought thought leaders, influencers, visionaries and veterans to our tribe. Now it’s your turn. If you have something worthwhile to share with a large community of savvy testers, go ahead and pitch your post idea. We’re listening.

Originally published October 01, 2015 – Updated April 15, 2019

Dennis van der Heijden
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The public form for beta sign-ups is confirming our suspicions; that this is a paid product and will likely be part of the premium service offered by Google Analytics. Interestingly, they want to know what tools the beta users are currently utilizing, and the majority seems to fall in the Enterprise category:

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