Make sure to consider the following three pieces of advice for a successful pricing page: Many business make the mistake of offering discount-based pricing initially, although this may not be wrong at first but this is not a totally acceptable practice because you are undermining the value of your product without evaluating the strength of your product. You know your product can do more, you know it does better against other competitors, but you are pricing it for less? Yes, it is good for starters but what will happen after you are done with the discount promotion? How can you shift the gear from offering a product with its true price?
There are many ways that you create your pricing page but regardless of having too many options to choose from – keep your rule simple but make your offer unique. If you want to know more, you can watch the webinar here .
This article will discuss  some common challenges that businesses face and provide some valuable tips to design the perfect pricing page.
“People do research and compare your pricing to a couple of alternatives. You want to come out as a winner from these comparisons.”

Create an Effective Pricing Page that Works

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In an article published by Peep Laja, he mentioned;

There are many elements for web strategists to consider when developing a website marketing strategy. Since, pricing  page holds a special spot in converting the visitors into customers, marketers need to carefully determine the customer pain points and design the page answering those questions.The dilemma in the pricing page is – most entrepreneurs would not say how much their product is really worth because they do not want to lose their customers. Many startup businesses, as well as entrepreneurs, fails to consider the elements that influence the decision of visitors.
As always, simplicity is the number one rule. Make your pricing page simple but truthful. Do not write things that are unnecessary in the pricing description box. Every word and number in the pricing page must be placed there with a purpose.

  • Make Your Pricing Page Simple 
  • Build Authenticity by Highlighting Product Features
  • Offer Quick Assistance

Make Your Pricing Page Simple

In a recent KISSmetrics webinar, Tim Paige of LeadPages talks about how to double your revenue per visitor with the pricing page. According to Tim, if you know how to work with the pricing page, then you can get ahead of your competition and even double or triple your revenue without having to expose your product in too much bargaining agreement. We at Convert believes that there are ways that you can tell your potential customers how much they really need to pay. You have to do it artistically and with precision. The more truthful your pricing page is, the more revenue it is going to make.


Build Authenticity by Highlighting Product Feature

You can never discount the fact that the customer will do their research and compare your pricing. Make sure that you are offering a competitive price and an edge in the market. This is also the perfect opportunity to highlight the unique feature of your product.
This shows the importance of an effective pricing page. Accordingly, your pricing page must contain sufficient information that can satisfy customers information needs. If the product is technical in nature you might want to consider providing chat support to answer customers queries.

Offer Quick Assistance

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If you are presenting different options on your pricing page, make sure that you are offering assistance that will help your customers decide. There are different plans, different packages – if this is how you are offering the prices, you can create a match a plan based on the customer’s profile.

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