[Infographic] How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

[Tweet “Converting any % of the total amount of abandoned merchandise makes a huge difference. -@SnapParcel”] According to Liam Casey, Marketing Manager at Snap Parcel, the numbers at the heart of online shopping cart abandonment are staggering. The average rate of cart abandonment is 68%, and the abandoned merchandise is worth trillion. For the majority of online retailers, converting even a tiny percentage of the total amount of abandoned merchandise would make a huge difference.
Aside from teaching us about the facts and reasons of why customers are abandoning online shopping carts, this infographic shows interesting and helpful insights of what to do to avoid it, like:
Helping our audience to increase sales and revenue is one of our most important goals. In today’s publication we’re sharing this great Snap Parcel infographic that shows why customers continue abandoning their shopping cart and how online retailers can avoid it and improving their conversion rates.
This infographic outlines why online retailers should make it as easy as possible for customers to complete their purchase and what should they do to increase their sales.
One of the biggest stumbling blocks for many customers appears to be the shipping costs, with 57% of customers citing this as an issue. Depending on the margins you are working on, it may be worth removing shipping costs altogether, but of course this will all depend on the type of business you are running.

  • Add a progress bar along the whole checkout process and the note: “You can review this order before it’s final”,
  • Provide a “guest checkout” option and avoid forcing users to register before checkout,
  • Keep security logos and cart summary constant through all the payment process.

How Retailers Can Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

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