Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the global leader in content delivery network (CDN) services, will support Convert.com with its Web Performance Solutions. The Akamai service minimizes infrastructure and bandwidth costs through offloading static and dynamic content from Convert’s public cloud provider onto the Akamai Intelligent Platform and brings the content closer to users.
Leading A/B Testing Software Solutions Convert.Com Chooses Akamai To Optimize Web Performance And Scalability
Media Contact: Walnut, CA | January 19, 2016
Mac Hasley
Content Lead
Convert.com Mac@convert.com
To maintain its leadership position, Convert.com proactively addresses the technical issues – performance and scalability – that accompany fast and global growth. Convert.com will leverage Akamai for mobile acceleration and fast delivery of personalized variations of website content targeted to each visitor for its clients.
Convert Insights, Inc, the leader in enterprise A/B testing software, today announced that it has chosen Akamai Web Performance Solutions for the optimization of its A/B testing software worldwide. The flagship and brand product Convert Experiments is one of the world’s fastest growing A/B testing tools and handles billions website requests every month for the thousands of client websites it supports in their effort in conversion optimization.

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On the development, Claudiu Rogoveanu, Chief Technical Officer of Convert.com said, “Using Akamai Web Performance Solutions and Content Targeting for our A/B testing and personalization product will result in a consistent user experience as well as reduced load times on our and our clients’ websites, while enabling us to focus on developing new products and services to further solidify our top market position.”
The solution allows for full control over every aspect of a test with features such as minimum and maximum test durations, manual and automatic variation controls, as well as historical insights into stoppage of test variations. Agency-friendly features include unlimited projects and client accounts, multi-domain testing and tracking, development tools for jQuery, JavaScript and CSS. Convert.com is headquartered in Walnut, CA with offices in Mexico and Romania. More information is available at https://www.convert.com

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Leveraging Akamai Web Performance Solutions and Content Targeting service, a feature that enables content providers to deliver localized content, customized store-fronts, targeted advertising and adaptive marketing to their customers, Convert.com are enabled to support their enterprise clients with a robust infrastructure build for growth and scalability.  Since using Akamai, Convert.com has experienced a 25 percent increase in performance.
Convert.com is the leading A/B & Multivariate testing software for enterprise and eCommerce agencies. Its flagship product, Convert Experiments™, is a one-code installation solution that provides risk-free testing of large groups of landing pages through deep integrations with major eCommerce platforms and analytics tools.

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