Your business could be doing several things wrong, resulting in the loss of potential customers. Maybe you’ve been using the same user interface for years and it has always worked before. What if that user interface is just proving inconvenient for users today? With so many well-designed websites competing against you, it’s time you make improvements and simplify your interface for better user experience.

Eliminate problem areas

One of the reasons why your conversion rate is low may be because your page takes too much time to load. When a webpage has too many elements, it takes much longer to load and this can be frustrating for visitors. To ensure that potential customers stay on your page when they arrive, you need to make sure the page loads immediately and shows them what you have to offer. Maybe you could add high-quality images that instantly capture the attention of visitors.
No matter how big your brand is or how successful your business is, there’s always room for improvement. Whether it’s in your landing page design or in your website copy, you can always run A/B tests to determine which will work best for making conversions. Maybe you could improve your product descriptions to highlight the best selling points and to stress on the authenticity of your products.

Make improvements

Is your business not converting enough? Maybe you’re doing everything you can but it’s just not working. Have you tried to engage more people with your social media posts? Or did you try offering free trials and discounts to boost your conversions? There are a number of methods that have been proven to be effective in influencing consumers’ purchase decisions. Let’s take a quick look at some of those ideas.
Try adding social sharing buttons to encourage customers to share their purchases with friends and followers. This could influence more people to make similar purchases from you and increase your conversion rate. Even just changing your call-to-action could make a drastic improvement in your conversion rate.
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Although these are just a few ideas, you can see that there is hardly a limit to what you can do for driving more conversions. To get more ideas on improving your ecommerce sales, check out the conversion infographic. Feel free to leave your questions and feedbacks in the comments below.

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