7 Proven Ways to Make Your Site a Conversion Machine

Let us find out what will work and what will not work for your website.
To A/B test your website and increase lead generation you can use Convert Experiences.
4_new_experiences None of the tips that we discussed above is going to work unless you test your website before launching. You have to determine what works best for you. Both number and quality of leads are important factors so test your site before you release it. Have several A/B tests running at any given time on your site. Do not mess around testing things that have little or no impact. Use the data available to spot the important projects to focus. Some of the important things to tests are:

1. Have contact forms on almost every page of your site

Do you know testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing tools? You can take it a step further with the use of video or audio. But, with richer media versions, you might need to compromise on the loading time of your landing page. So, it is best to use testimonials with your customer’s photos to have a powerful impact on the new prospects.
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Check out how fatbit.com assures their customers with guaranteed development and solutions along with high quality.

2. Create necessity in your CTA for better conversion

With the use of split testing from one landing page to the next, you will be able to make out whether your lead generation efforts pay out or not. To exercise this tip, you need to use the right testing software that will help you determine if everything is working fine.
Check the example below from Appster.com.au. Here the users need to share minimum information in almost every form, on every page of their website. Customers are likely to show more interest as they do not need to give too much personal information on the first step.

3. Add photos and testimonials of clients for counting credibility

For example, a user viewing a product demo before buying is likely to convert if he feels convinced. He or she is going to convert more over users who simply viewed an advertisement. Check how HubSpot has been utilizing videos to spread their capabilities as inbound marketing experts.
Conversion is something crucial to every business. It is one of the important metrics to determine the growth of a business. Whether you run an e-commerce business or a software company, lead conversions play a huge role. However, it is tough to reach the conversion goals for any business.
We have seen that Groupon has been using countdown timers in the best possible way. Check the screenshot below which justifies the statement above.

4. Make videos that communicate with users

In the example below, you will find how Kony implemented this technique and are successful in impressing their customers.
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5. Try to have more trust badges

Let your customers know that there are real people behind your brand/ business. So, it is important to make your “About Us” page more human. Try to show pictures and stories of the people who make your brand what it is.
It is important to let your customer feel the urgency in your CTA (call to action) button. It should be highly effective to help your customers take the ultimate decision. However, make sure that the necessity or urgency you have, is real and relevant. As per the case study of Conversion XL, 3.5% conversion rate jumped to 10%, as soon as some of the websites added a count down timer to their landing page.

6. Let your customers know, there’s a human behind your business

See how Shopify uses testimonials coupled with colorful photos and large turnout quotes to have a large effect on the viewers.
To convert leads, you must understand the way the human brain makes decisions. Around 90 percent of the decision is made subconsciously by the oldest part of the brain. It is critical for marketers to understand how the old brain works. If you want your website to make bigger conversions, you cannot do this with logic and words no matter how convincingly you have written.
If you have received a number of awards and recognitions, it is always better to display them. If you got great reviews on Yelp or received any industry-specific award, display them proudly. Touting these badges might help to establish trust among your audience. However, you can also add some trust and guarantee badges in case you do not have any accolades to display.
The customer feels happy when they find an easy access to the lead generation forms. The less information you seek, particularly on the first step, the more interest people will show in sharing their personal details.

7. Always prioritize on running a test

Conversion does not take place in an instant. It is time-consuming and you have to lay down a plan regardless of the company’s size. Keep on comparing techniques and run tests to improve your website daily and have constant conversion flow.

  • Headline, which should be highly convincing
  • Page layout and navigation
  • What a customer is getting in return for their money
  • The size and the copy of your CTA button

Designing a landing page built for leads does not need to be overwhelming. You simply need to find out what works and why it works. Here are some of the proven lead generation techniques, which not only turn your site into a conversion machine but also increase your trust and authority of your business.

Wrapping Up

Videos are a large way to bridge the gap between online and offline businesses. It helps to turn your site into a conversion machine. No matter to what industry you belong, having a video on your site that speaks to the users is sure to bring in more conversions.