Month: June 2020

Creating and Using Email Templates

Once you know what kind of content blocks you’d like to use, you have the option to either use a drag-and-drop editor or code them as custom HTML content blocks. Drag-and-drop templates are extremely user-friendly

Selling on Walmart: Vendor vs. Third Party vs. Hybrid

Pro-tip: Keep in mind, a brand can have MAP pricing so there is some degree of control over pricing but it does require additional negotiations. –  Elizabeth Marsten, Senior Director for Strategic Marketplace Services at

How To Build Email Marketing Campaigns That Get Results

The set of principles that I’ve found to be most effective are Robert Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Persuasion (Cialdini, Robert B. Influence: Science and Practice. New York: HarperCollinsCollegePublishers, 1993. Print.). B) Once you’ve completed preliminary

8 Foolproof Ways to Improve Ecommerce Email Engagement

Genpact follows a humble preference center practice. While keeping it simple, they ensure that the users can either choose the topics they are interested in or opt out of the service. How to calculate it:

Google Call Extensions: How to Set Up and Track

Step 1. Click the “Tools & settings” button at the top right of your dashboard These ad extensions enable anyone who sees your ad to easily tap and dial your business phone number. Better yet,

2020 Merchant Center Product Feed Updates: What You Should Know

The last immediate change that Google announced was that they are relaxing the requirements for sale price annotations. Are you interested in learning more about these features? Need help getting set up to take advantage

10 Best Practices for Sending Cart Abandonment Emails

Your email will be the first point of contact for users with abandoned carts, so you’ll want to craft an effective subject line that catches their attention while also being clear that they’ve left some

5 Email Marketing Tools You Need to Be Successful

For every you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of . With this strong of a return, it’s no wonder email continues to be a valuable channel for any business. —

Amazon Sponsored Brands Custom Image Creative Now Available on Mobile

If you choose to use a custom image in your Sponsored Brands ads, you must also use your brand logo in the brand logo field. Visit the Sponsored Brands logo guidelines page to learn more.