There are many different marketing automation tools for different needs, and many marketers make the mistake of simply picking the first tool they come across instead of matching the right software to their particular use case and needs. Then again, there are so many automation platforms out there, it can be difficult to decide.

chatbots for Telegram and Facebook.

Pricing: Starts from free

  • Send transactional emails (in addition to email marketing).
  • Scale your (already successful) email marketing efforts by automating tasks.
  • Send follow-up emails to reduce eCommerce cart abandonment.

Pricing: Starts from free

  • Use data to grow your mailing list around the clock.
  • Find cart abandonment using advanced list segmentation.
  • Gain instant real-time analytics to better inform your marketing strategies.

Pricing: Starts from free Pricing: Starts from free

  • Automate more of your email marketing tasks.
  • Scale your marketing operation in a cost-effective way.
  • Experiment with additional channels or avenues for marketing.

Pricing: Starts from free

  • Automate content publishing, monitoring, and analytics on social media.
  • Use analytics to help you grow your social media audience.
  • Coordinate teams working on different tasks, such as customer support, paid advertising, etc.
  • If you use this tool in conjunction with tools to increase efficiency, like those that focus on Linkedin message automation, your brand growth can be significant.

Pricing: Starts from free

  • Manage leads and deals around the clock using custom web forms and chatbots.
  • Track communications, emails, contact history, etc. for full control over your schedule.
  • Automate repetitive administrative tasks and learn from AI (artificial intelligence).

Pricing: Starts from free

  • Win back sales with prebuilt marketing automation for cart abandonment.
  • Improve targeting by segmenting customers based on shopping behavior.
  • Stay relevant and boost conversions with personalized emails and texts.

What you can do with it:

lead generation, sales, and reports for all teams.
  • Boost your brand’s communication with customized customer journeys across all channels.
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    What you can do with it: Pricing: Starts at .40/month
    What you can do with it:
    Pricing: Starts at free

    • Social marketing
    • Email marketing
    • Lead management
    • Campaign management
    • Landing page creation
    • Prediction and scoring
    • Creating webinars
    • … and much more.

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