4 Practical Ways to Use AI in Marketing (& Why You Need To)

You can think of it as kind of your Google Analytics assistant. For example, you can ask questions like “Which marketing channel had the highest conversion rate” and Analytics will show you a ranked list of your marketing channels, sorted by the highest conversion rate. This makes all the complexity of Google Analytics go away.
Put simply, using AI in your marketing efforts can help you keep a lean and mean marketing team and scale your business higher and faster.

optimizations based on performance data.
  • Write more effective copy to increase conversion rates.
  • Bid smarter in your campaigns.
  • Build a marketing strategy customized to your team’s needs and marketing objectives.
  • The Analytics Intelligence feature in your Google Analytics account uses machine learning to help you better understand your website’s results and act upon them.

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    4 practical ways to use artificial intelligence in marketing

    One of the biggest challenges when it comes to writing marketing copy is that it’s practically a gamble, as you can not really predict how it will perform before you actually use it. To find out what works you usually have to wait for SEO metrics to accumulate or dedicate time and money to A/B testing. Anyword was trained using over 0M worth of ad spend, so it knows how to write copy that sells.
    What it is
    Bottom line: If DSAs are your omnipotent campaign managers, Google Intelligence is your analyst.

    1. Make your life easier with Google Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs)

    We’re more than halfway through 2021 and by now, most marketing teams are heavily reliant on growth/digital marketing, and for very good reasons. But right now, even that is no longer enough. Just being growth-oriented and data-driven will not cut it anymore.
    There are tons of marketing tools and technologies out there that can make your marketing team stronger and more efficient. Don’t worry though, this will not be just a list of automation marketing tools out there (I know you’ve already seen dozens of them).
    Since it is AI based, you can actually ask simple questions regarding your site performance, and it will answer, just as you would have an analyst working for you.

    Responsive Search Ads (RSAs). But DSAs actually do so much more than that, all based on Google’s AI (I think we can all agree they kind of know what they are doing over there in Mountain View).

    And take personalization to a whole new level.
    What it is

    new keyword ideas and writing ads.

    2. Use Google Analytics Intelligence as your site analyst

    Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) are search campaigns that work in the opposite direction of typical paid search strategies. Usually, you will perform your keyword research, group your keywords, and then match the ad and landing page copy to the ad group.
    Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs) are search campaigns that work in the opposite direction of typical paid search strategies. Usually, you will perform your keyword research, group your keywords, and then match the ad and landing page copy to the ad group.
    What they are

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    How to use them
    What it is
    In the example below, I asked Google Analytics “What are my top performing landing pages?” and got exactly the answer I needed:
    Helixa gives you actionable insights that can save you from making mistakes in how you approach your potential audience.

    impressive copywriting and compelling ad copy.

    4. Get to know your audience better with Helixa

    Why you need it
    Anyword helps you come up with new ideas when you’re drawing a blank and saves time by generating and optimizing your marketing copy with the help of artificial intelligence. It will generate effective copy for practically any marketing channel, including (but not limited to):
    Bottom line: The more you know about your audience, the better and more accurate your marketing will be, and you will get exactly that with Helixa.

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    Why you need it
    The full list of tools, features, use cases, and benefits of AI in marketing are endless. I showed you four examples which I personally think demonstrate how AI can be used very smartly and make your day-to-day life as a marketer easier and more effective. These include:
    I would love to see your feedback and comments, and even better, your suggestions for AI tools you have been using and think I should get to know.

    So here are my four favorite ways to use AI for marketing:

    It’s 2021 and digital marketing is AI marketing 

    While most of the market research tools out there rely on a single data source, Helixa brings together multiple data sets to provide a richer view of any audience, using its machine learning technology that puts all this data in one easy-to-use tool.

    1. Anyword to generate effective, platform-specific marketing copy.
    2. Google DSAs to take care of keyword research and optimized ad copywriting.
    3. Google Analytics Intelligence to answer complex questions and share insights you wouldn’t know to search for.
    4. Helixa to get to know your audience on a deeper level for more personalized marketing.

    Helixa enables you to know what is distinctive and unique about any audience out there. You will get insights on what they care about and what they say online so you can personalize your marketing even further.
    There are a few ways to structure and operate your DSA campaigns, but they are all similar.

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