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756 million members making over one billion interactions each month, a great company page is your access point into this powerful community. It gives a snapshot of your business, including company details, products and services, and culture. You can use it to:
  • Demonstrate thought leadership.
  • Educate and inspire your audience.
  • Express your brand voice and values.
  • Attract top talent.
  • Build a community.
  • Network effectively
  • Improve your discoverability on Google
  • Show prospects the people behind your company

LinkedIn is a thriving platform that millions of professionals use to keep up with their industry, find jobs, grow their skills, and build their networks—making it a powerful marketing tool for B2B businesses, no matter how big or small. 

How to create a LinkedIn company page (the right way)

Just keep in mind that this feature isn’t yet available to everyone. You must apply in order to get access.

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Unilever is a consumer goods company that specializes in food and drink, as well as beauty, cleaning, and personal care products. With over 15 million followers on LinkedIn, they must be doing something right.

How to create a LinkedIn story:

  1. On your homepage, tap on the “+” sign on your profile.
  2. Upload a video or image from your gallery. Alternatively, you can record a new one.
  3. Add stickers or text to your video or image.
  4. You have the option to mention any relevant profiles.
  5. Hit “Share Story”, and you’re done.

Coca-Cola’s LinkedIn company page regularly highlights content from its widely successful digital magazine that has turned out thousands of stories since its launch nearly a decade ago.
These forms can autopopulate with user information at the click of a button—a feature that most marketers will appreciate as it helps to improve conversion rates.

2. Featured Posts

Use it to conduct interviews with industry experts, run Q&A sessions, share your latest case study, or talk through a benchmarks report. You can even use LinkedIn Live to broadcast product launches and live events, like BMW did:
Thanks to a recent addition to the platform’s features, brands can now add lead generation forms directly to product pages on LinkedIn.

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How to create polls on LinkedIn:

  1. Go to your feed page.
  2. Click the “+” icon to add a new post.
  3. Click that three-dot icon to view more options.
  4. Select “Create a poll.”
    online and offline events and get more people to sign up.
    inclusivity and is helpful to use before speaking to investors, potential customers, partners, and more.
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    How to record your name on LinkedIn:

    1. Go to your profile page.
    2. Click on the “Edit” icon.
    3. Click “Add Name Pronunciation.”
    4. Next, tap the “Record” icon and record your name.
    5. If you want to re-record, simply click “Retake.”
    6. Once happy with your recording, click “Apply.”
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    How to create an organic carousel post on LinkedIn:

    1. Click on the option to create a new post.
    2. Select the document icon.
    3. Choose which document you want to share.
    4. Add a document title.
    5. To save and publish, click “Done.”

    9. LinkedIn Live

    What makes this page so great?
    There are a number of ways to use LinkedIn to market your business, but your first and foremost priority should be getting your company page right.
    This LinkedIn page does a great job of showcasing Unilever as a great company to partner with or work for. 

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    Here are three fantastic examples of LinkedIn company pages, as well as a brief explanation of what makes each of them great. Use them as inspiration to help you capitalize on the opportunities offered by these new LinkedIn company page features.

    10. Lead gen forms in product pages

    These days, live video is pivotal for social media marketing and engagement. That’s why so many people greeted the new LinkedIn Live feature with enthusiasm.
    If you want to spice up the video further, you can use one of my favorite video editing tools called Movavi to create the video offline and then upload the story to Linkedin. Most people don’t realize it, but this is what the more successful creators do to make their videos stand out on places like Instagram Reels and TikTok. 
    Jabil also keeps a finger on the community’s pulse and uses its LinkedIn company page to shares its nonprofit initiatives—in particular, participating in a wide range of local events for the American Heart Association, breast cancer research, Veterans Day, and more.

    Great examples of LinkedIn company pages

    While you may see more consumer-focused content from Coca-Cola on Facebook, it shares more business innovation, jobs, and workplace content for its older and more professional audience on LinkedIn, as evidenced by the Life section on their LinkedIn company page:

    1. Unilever

    To create a LinkedIn company page, make sure you’re logged into your personal account. Then go to and let the platform walk you through the setup. 

    View Unilever’s LinkedIn company page here.

    Product pages, a feature that was added in 2020, allow brands to promote specific products so organizations can provide overviews, showcase product reviews, and answer questions in one centralized place.
    Product pages, a feature that was added in 2020, allow brands to promote specific products so organizations can provide overviews, showcase product reviews, and answer questions in one centralized place.
    Product pages, a feature that was added in 2020, allow brands to promote specific products so organizations can provide overviews, showcase product reviews, and answer questions in one centralized place.
    What makes this page so great?

    View Coca Cola’s LinkedIn company page here

    Get more out of your LinkedIn company page

    Marketing and advertising on LinkedIn makes a lot of sense whether businesses use it to attract prospective employees, investors, partners, or customers. But, to get the most out of the platform, you need to have a stand-out company page. So make sure you populate every section and make use of these features!

    1. LinkedIn Stories
    2. Featured Posts
    3. Polls
    4. Events
    5. Name pronunciation
    6. Comment and visibility restrictions
    7. Reactions
    8. Organic carousel posts
    9. LinkedIn Live
    10. Lead forms

    Unilever’s LinkedIn company page is an excellent expression of its core values and mission statement. There are partnerships, employee stories, articles about the company’s nonprofit efforts, and content that celebrates other companies making a difference in the world. Check out their colorful and attractive “Life” tab: 

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