34 Creative Valentine’s Day Messages for Your Clients (with Email Templates!)

Today we’re celebrating YOU.
It’s Valentine’s Day! Here’s a little somethin’ to say thank you (for being the awesomest.)
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Do it! Valentine’s Day greetings have an altruistic “just because” feel that is guaranteed to strengthen your connections and relationships. A little bit goes a long way, and with these message examples and templates, it’s easier than ever. Just remember, the idea is to create a nice gesture, so consider it a little separate from your typical February marketing campaigns.
Of course, the above method works well in an individual email too. Remember, this is is NOT a blanket email where you just swap out first names. Each message should be unique to the customer.

  • The dos and don’ts of a Valentine’s Day customer greeting.
  • Over 34 creative and genuine messages and email templates.
  • Actual examples from real businesses to inspire you.

Dos and don’ts of a Valentine’s Day customer greeting

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  • Keep it short and sweet. Like any customer communication, the less clutter you have in there, the more clear the message will come through and the more memorable it will be.

I know we interact a lot via comments, likes, and shares, but I just thought I’d reach out via DM today to tell you how much your enthusiasm means to me. Your engagement with my content, attendance at events, and patronage at my business is SO appreciated. I just emailed you a little gift card to Milk Street Cafe. Treat yourself to a tasty lunch today!
valentines day customer appreciation message - email example

  • Personalize it: You should always have some degree of personalization in your communication with customers, but for Valentine’s Day emails and notes especially, you’ll want to make sure you level it up to give it a genuine feel.
  • Don’t make it a sales pitch. You can (and should) offer a little something in your message, but not angled in a way to get them to buy. Stay away from your typical deals and offer something that requires a little more thought. It’s about surprising them with a gift, not increasing holiday sales.
  • Send it ON Valentine’s Day: Again, this is not exactly meant to be a Valentine’s Day marketing campaign. Send out your gift guides and early bird specials at the beginning of the month. Send your greeting out on the actual day.

valentines day customer message - triangle pun
Hi Theresa!

  • Include something special: As I mentioned, this should be thoughtful and more personalized—so, not your typical sales promotion. Maybe a discount on a common item they order, a gift card, a freebie, or even a hand-written note. Offer a coupon for a free beverage or ice cream cone at a local mainstay. It could also mean a free resource roundup or guide, or a scrapbook or timeline visualization of your relationship with them. If you’re limited on budget, make the offer only to your most loyal customers.
  • Be inclusive: Stay away from language about celebrating with your loved one (there are plenty of singles, widows, and lonely individuals out there) and make it about your relationship with them.
  • Be conversational: Stay away from formal speak. The less awkward you try to make it by dodging the L word or keeping it professional, the more awkward you’re going to make it. The goal is not to be authoritative, it’s to connect.

Hi Theresa!

Friendly Valentine’s Day messages for clients

Hi Theresa!

Playful Valentine’s Day messages to clients

  • It’s Valentine’s Day! Here’s a little somethin’ to say thank you (for being awesome). [Let’s Party]
  • We break prices, not hearts.
  • We love what we do because of you. So technically, we kinda love you.
  • If you were a triangle, you’d be acute one. Happy Valentine’s Day! Our love for you grows exponentially with each passing day.
  • We couldn’t let Valentine’s Day go by without showering you with cheesy puns!

Hi Theresa!

Send your clients a genuine Valentine’s Day message this year


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