Here’s a great example of a YouTube testimonial video from London-based Afro Is Massive for a V1CE card, a reusable business card (and the one we ended up going with).
It’s simple in the brand’s millennial pink with a visualization of an online review in its brand font. The effect? The testimonial speaks for itself.
Landing pages are a great place for testimonial ads because your leads have already indicated their interest in your offering. They’ve clicked through and made it to your page, so you want to outline your benefits. Using customer testimonials is a great way to highlight those.

  • What testimonial advertising is
  • How testimonial and endorsements are different
  • Why testimonial advertising works
  • Examples of testimonial advertising

The best part is that this customer, Knox, isn’t not recommending running. He’s recommending an app that offers guided meditation—to get you that same peace of mind, whether or not you’re ready for a run.

What is testimonial advertising?

Image source
We went through a lot of examples quickly, but hopefully this gives you lots of ideas for your own testimonial ads. Whether you use a picture of an existing review, record a customer trying out your product, or ask for testimonials to create graphics, you can’t go wrong letting your happy, current customers speak for you. They can be one word, a few words, or full a description of how light a sunscreen feels or how quickly an emergency plumber arrived to do excellent work. The main thing to keep in mind is that these positive comments should be sincere, whether they’re unprompted or prompted.
This GIF ad rotates tiny testimonials like “Must-have,” “I’m hooked!” “Love it,”
“Can’t live without it,” and “Glowy!” Watch it here.
testimonial ads examples - headshot with customer quote

What’s the difference between testimonials and endorsements?

Watch the ad here
vintage testimonial ad exampe Image source

Why testimonial advertising?

So far, the testimonial ad examples have all been from digital placements. But that doesn’t mean that these ads are new. Far from it.
testimonial ads examples - alan david custom
testimonial advertising example - instagram
Watch the video here.
testimonial ad example - display ad
testimonial ad example - display ad
testimonial ad example - display ad
testimonial ad example - display ad
testimonial ad example - display ad
testimonial ad example - display ad
testimonial ad example - display ad
testimonial ad example - display ad
testimonial ad example - display ad
This testimonial ad is similar to other examples in its simplicity—a customer shares how much they love the product. Plus, I haven’t heard of Spur, but I can tell from this that it’s a Coke alternative with this competitive copy in this ad.

Final takeaways and testimonial advertising tips

Let’s get to it.
Here are 11 testimonial advertising examples that use customer recommendations in the copy and images to persuade potential buyers. These examples come from a variety of platforms—from social media networks to landing pages to print publications.

  • Keep it real. Don’t omit parts that aren’t as positive.  As the BrightLocal survey above shows, 45% of people are suspicious of reviews that are over-the-top in their praise.
  • Include a face. Include images and video of the customer if possible. This makes them more relatable and more trustworthy.
  • Get permission. Make sure your customer is okay with you using their words and face in your ads.
  • Use them everywhere! On social media, landing pages, your website, and more!

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