CPG brands have been quick to jump on this new advertising development. Unilever, Purina, and Danone are just some of the big names that have partnered with Instacart Ads.

Why Instacart’s expansion to Canada is a big deal

Instacart is one of North America’s leaders in the online grocery delivery space, with a marketplace that covers over 70,000 stores across 5,500 cities in both the United States and Canada. 
“The expansion of Instacart Ads into Canada allows brands to expand their discoverability with Canadian consumers through focused advertising strategies. Brands will now be able to utilize Instacart’s powerful insights and data to develop a more holistic advertising plan,” Scott Glaser, Associate Director, Marketplace Strategic Services at Tinuiti said. Now, however, Canadian advertisers will be able to leverage Instacart Ads’ Sponsored Product offering. This offering allows brands of all sizes to improve their discoverability across the Instacart marketplace. The Instacart Ads platform also gives Canadian brands access to first-party data for use in their own market and product analysis. 
Shannon Cross, Senior Manager, eCommerce, Nestlé Purina PetCare, has been working with Instacart and has already seen the benefits:

Online grocery delivery provider Instacart has recently expanded the coverage of its ad platform Instacart Ads to brands that operate in Canada. 

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Who is using Instacart Ads in Canada?

Bradley Haaland, Manager, API Agency Development at Instacart, is equally as excited for the platform’s expansion:
Instacart is already partnering with the top five grocers in Canada, which includes Walmart, Metro, Costco, and Loblaws. 

“We’re proud to announce the expansion of Instacart Ads in Canada and equip even more brands across North America with our Sponsored Product offering. This marks the first global expansion for Instacart Ads, and we look forward to continuing to scale our advertising business in Canada.”

Despite serving all of North America, however, the Instacart Ads platform was only available to brands that operated in the US, which reduced the number of marketing opportunities and level of reach available to Canadian retailers. 
“We started working with the Instacart team in late 2021 for the initial launch of their ads platform here in Canada and have nothing but positive things to say.” 

“Not only has the team been extremely transparent, agile, and strategic with our plans this year, but their platform has also allowed us to drive incredible returns across all of our priority brands. One of the most significant benefits of Instacart is the breadth of data they are able to provide us in a self-serve format. Having access to customizable reports and SKU-level data at any time of the day has allowed us to make informed business decisions at a more granular level. I would highly recommend other brands explore the ads offering through Instacart.” 

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