The 11 Best Dentist Websites of 2022 (+Takeaway Tips)

Two other things jump out at me here: A button to translate the page and the highlighted “COVID Safety.” The translation option not only means that this dentist website is accessible, but that Concord Dental Associates is, too. The fact that the COVID precautions are first in the nav bar and highlights tells me this practice knows its patients are conscientious. Both of these are encouraging for making an appointment.
But you do still want to make your services clear. Pearl Dental NYC does a great job of using graphics to represent its expertise (without including any real mouths).
best dentist website examples - inspire dental group's homepage
Dntl bar has a clean, lux website color scheme—cream, black, and a muted gold. The video in the hero section continues this color palette, including pops of green with the Perrier bottles and well-appointed office furnishings.

Why is your dentist website an important marketing tool?

We went through a lot of dentist website examples to identify their best features. Here’s a quick overview of the tips we’ve gone through:

Gentle Dental, a national network of dentist offices, includes some compelling stats about its locations, years of care, and associated dentists. All of these make it a safer choice for patients and patients-to-be.

In addition to graphics like the mouth model above, Pearl uses context clues in its photos to emphasize its biomimetic focus. For instance, the typical light, the headpiece, and the perspective of the dentist in the photo below.
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survey results on why people pick dentists from results on google

Dentist website examples

best dentist website examples - main dentistry's homepage

1. Tend

Even though it’s not the top deciding factor, the appearance of a dentist’s website is still a deciding factor for people seeking out a dentist. Even more importantly, your website also plays a big role in your search engine rankings, and your online presence contributes to the quality and quantity of your reviews.
Dntl Bar is another dentist office promising a newer, modern experience—this time in NYC, and with a different focus for its website.
The photos of Dr. Lawlor and the entire team are great, and the copy that the mission and the entire office’s patient-first approach make this even better.

2. Dntl bar

Your potential clients want to know what your current patients are saying. In fact, 71% of people looking for a new dentist check online reviews to help them decide which practice to choose.
Scheduling a dentist appointment by phone is inefficient and annoying—especially when you’re looking for most convenient, not necessarily next available. Your dentist website should have a clear, simple way for your current patients and your prospective make appointments.
best dentist website examples - the smilebar's website with a review
While I’ve been Googling ranking lists and skimming websites, I’ve noticed some of the same elements making me want to learn more about a practice. So here are 11 dentist website examples that you can use as inspiration or models for your own.

3. The Smilist

The video shows Watertower Dental Care’s clean and professional practice, as well as its warm and inviting staff. Plus, using video is a proven way to boost your conversion rate—I bet this hero video helps attract new clients.
We’ve gone through a lot of dentist website examples and identified the images, the designs, the buttons, and the reviews that work well. Something we haven’t talked too much about? Website copy.
Plus, when you filter the data by age, the percentage of respondents who select the best-looking website increases to 6.7% for 18 to 34-year-olds, and this increases even more when you narrow in further to 18-24 year-olds. For younger people, the quality of your website becomes increasingly influential in their decision to make an appointment or not.
best dentist website examples - pearl's homepage
When you’re highlighting your dentist office on your website, you want to feature your services, client reviews, and a quick, easy way to contact you. You also want to make your office inviting and trustworthy.

4. Smilebar

Dental Care Seattle gets this right.
This hero section outlines the procedures and types of care that the office offers, which is an excellent choice: In 2019, over 64% of people reported that they tried to self-diagnose before making an appointment.
best dentist website examples - dntl bar's homepage
The navigation is straightforward to new and existing patients alike, which communicates to me that Tend meets its promise to streamline visits to the dentist from the outset.

5. Maine Dentistry

Smilebar knows this, so they feature customer testimonials on their website.
best dentist website examples - gentle dental
Having exceptional teeth is more than a semi-annual cleaning and cavity check—it’s confidence-boosting. Capturing these bigger-picture impacts on your dentist website will help you outshine your competition (last one, I promise).
Having exceptional teeth is more than a semi-annual cleaning and cavity check—it’s confidence-boosting. Capturing these bigger-picture impacts on your dentist website will help you outshine your competition (last one, I promise).
But you don’t necessarily have to direct your potential patients away from your website. You can embed these reviews just like Concord Dental Associates does below.
best dentist website examples - concord dental associates' homepage
It’s crucial to have compelling design, but that’s not the only thing you’ll need to impress your patients. Take a look at this dentist website example from The Smilist located in Smithtown, NY.
Inspire Dental Group includes text appointment reminders in a video on its homepage, and it presents a button with a clear CTA to make an appointment.

10. Concord Dental Associates

Take a look.
The takeaway: Your website is an important tool for attracting new patients and converting word-of-mouth referrals to your dental practice—one worth investing some time in to make sure you’re getting the most out of it.
Putting the reviews front and center so that anyone considering your practice sees them is an excellent call, especially when they can highlight a unique selling point for your practice.
Your website is an important dental marketing tool because it allows you to communicate your practice’s offerings, ethos, and unique value proposition—and it can even attract and convert potential new clients. According to a 2019 survey, most people choose a dentist office based on online reviews, proximity, and search engine rank.

11. Dental Care Seattle

best dentist website examples - pearl
This is a great way to highlight your practice’s work and dental expertise without getting graphic.
This suggests that plenty of your potential new patients are looking for specific services—not just a cleaning, but a filling for a cavity or a consultation for periodontics. Having your services clearly outlined on your website makes it clear to these searchers that you can help them. (Plus, clear copy is copy that sells).
You know the drill. (Too much?) Before we jump into the examples, let’s talk about why a website is quite possibly the most important tool for your dentist marketing strategy.
After I searched for dentist offices in Boston once or twice, I started getting targeted Instagram ads from Tend. The ads were trendy and engaging, so of course I visited the dentist’s website.
Plus, it takes online scheduling a step further by offering virtual consults.

Use these dentist website examples to improve your own

Take a look.

  • Refresh your brand colors and your website design for contemporary appeal.
  • Highlight your office’s unique selling proposition, whether it’s communication or specific services.
  • Feature your patient reviews prominently.
  • Include trust signals to establish your authority.
  • Make it easy for potential clients to contact your office.
  • Use pictures of real people to build trust and welcome new prospects.
  • Add video to humanize your brand and give patients a clear picture of what to expect.
  • Focus on the benefits of your services in your website copy.