57 Easy & Engaging August Marketing Ideas (With Examples!)

Toss the core values aside today and letterrip. Don’t actually do that. But you can have fun with this one.

appeal to all kinds of emotions in your marketing. Use these ideas to connect with your audience in a more meaningful way than any of your competitors.

1. Family Fun Month

  • Partner up with nearby attractions and offer coupons.
  • Share a blog post or email newsletter roundup of your favorite family-friendly spots in town.
  • If your target audience is parents: Write a post on how to actually have family fun month in the depressing last days of summer when your kids are at each others’ throats and you’ve had no alone time in weeks (emotional marketing opp?).
  • Team up with other local businesses in town and run a family fun night. Photographers can offer family portraits (before little Jane gets a butterfly plastered to her face), restaurants can provide the food (and coupons to get them through their doors), and other businesses (like preschools) can set up informational (but fun) tables.
  • Clothing companies, run a series of sales each week for men, women, babies, and tweens.
support the Black-owned businesses, but to get into the habit of doing it year-round.

  • Retailers: Take the 15% Pledge and start selling products made by Black-owned businesses. You can use the Support Black-Owned Businesses Directory to find Black-owned businesses near you.
  • B2B businesses: interview a Black business owner and share their tips on running a business, overcoming prejudice, or dealing with challenges your clients commonly face.
  • Any business: show your followers how to support Black businesses.
January marketing (repurposing opp?)

  • Salons, offer special deals on back-to-school haircuts.
  • Spas, invite parents in for a much-needed massage after a long summer.
  • Schools and after-school programs, offer early bird registration deals.
  • Personal trainers or fitness centers, offer discount packages.
  • Dentists or nutritionists can encourage appointments or give healthy tips.
  • Run a re-engagement campaign to bring back any customers who went quiet over the summer.
  • Check out more back-to-school marketing ideas here.
Amazon, “seeking simpler living” is the latest trend in consumer behavior. As a business owner, take this time to clean out clutter (virtual and physical), and organize your mind and workplace before the September storm hits.

Even though these folks get year-round senior discounts, why not throw an extra one in the mix on this day?

  • Productivity tool providers could offer a free trial during this week.
  • You could share a roundup of tools or apps you use (or have deleted) to simplify your life.
  • Interior designers can share their organization tricks.
  • Break down a complex topic into plain English for your audience.

Many local secondhand stores are part of nonprofits that fund needs in the community or even worldwide. Consider running a clothing drive to give your audience the opportunity to make a difference while cleaning out their wardrobe (perhaps to simplify their lives…see #4).

5. Friendship Day (Aug 2)


6. National Dollar Day (Aug 8)

Whether you’re heading into fall with gusto or dragging your feet, your marketing needs to stay consistent and strong! Use these ideas to engage your audience, attract more customers, and stand out above your competitors. And now, as promised, the expanded list of August national days.

  • Use a money-saving-themed blog post to teach your audience how to save a dollar (or hundreds).
  • Take a dollar off your (low-priced) products.
  • Offer something for just $1.

7. National Book Lovers Day (Aug 9)


8. Blame Someone Else Day – First Friday the 13th of the Year (August 13, 2021)

Here’s our full series of marketing ideas for every month of the year:

  • “When working in a book store you learn that sometimes books are just going to fall over. Usually on their own or sometimes because of…other reasons (*cough*Ryan*cough).
    Happy National Blame Someone Else Day!
    (No books were harmed in the making of this post).”
  • “Friday the 13th: Me-ow.
    National Blame Someone Else Day: You-ow”
  • “It’s okay to indulge, you can blame us!”
inspirational blog posts, emails, and social media posts.

Image source)

Many state fairs happen in the fall, so plan ahead and see if you can get on the list!

12. Senior Citizens Day (Aug 21)

There are readers in every audience. Share a post on social media recommending your favorite reads, top industry influencer authors, or asking for recommendations from your followers. Your audience likes opportunities to share their input, you like post engagement, everyone wins.

  • Senior living communities, host an open house barbeque on this day to honor your residents and give potential residents (or their adult children) a chance to check you out.
  • Local businesses, contact local senior centers to see if you can sponsor or cater an event, or even stop by with free manicures to brighten up someone’s day. 

13. Secondhand Wardrobe Day (Aug 25)

Inspirational Instagram posts say August is the Sunday of summer (cursive font over sunset photo). Someecards says August is a whole month of Sunday nights.


creative marketing possibilities are endless for this day.

  • Send your email subscribers a promo code just because you appreciate them.
  • Encourage your patrons to buy that outfit (or any product you sell), book that ticket, or do something spontaneous for no reason other than because you can.
  • Go against this post on how to write copy that sells and promote something with “just because”—no features or benefits. 
  • Inspire your audience to do a random act of kindness. Just because.
  • Run a giveaway that not only ramps up engagement but sparks an inspirational comment thread your followers will enjoy.
  • Write a post on X (inspirational) things to do just because.

16. Get involved with state/county fairs


  • Be a web sponsor—get your logo on their website (good for a backlink).
  • Be a vendor—food, tables, bouncy houses, and more.
  • Donate an auction or raffle item.

17. Plan for Labor Day

And finally, for a year’s worth of marketing ideas, check out this marketing calendar template from our friends at LOCALiQ.

Summer is ending, but August marketing must go on

As for marketing ideas:

August national days—expanded list

This day gives a good excuse for promoting referral programs and running BOGO sales promotions. You might also use catchy taglines like “You never know how many friends you have until you own [the product you provide].”

  • National Sisters Day – First Sunday in August
  • Respect for Parents Day (Aug 1)
  • American Family Day – First Sunday in August
  • Sons and Daughters Day (Aug 11)
  • Middle Child Day (Aug 12)


  • Shapewear Day (Aug 10)
  • Secondhand Wardrobe Day (Aug 25)
  • Brazilian Blowout Day (Aug 21)
  • Tooth Fairy Day (Aug 22)

More of a tip than an idea, but get your Labor Day marketing in order, especially if you’re running a special only during that weekend. September sneaks up fast! 

  • Night Out Day (First Tuesday)
  • Garage Sale Day – Second Saturday in August
  • Senior Citizens Day (Aug 21)
  • Bowling Day (Second Saturday)

Vertical specific

  • Friendship Day (First Sunday)
  • Girlfriends Day (Aug 1)
  • Happiness Happens Day (Aug 8)
  • Global Sleep Under The Stars Night  (Aug 8)
  • Be An Angel Day (Aug 22)
  • Just Because Day (Aug 27)
  • Nonprofit Day (Aug 17)

There’s nothing wrong with a Mother Theresa or Gandhi quote, but featuring newer individuals provides an opportunity for both you and your audience to learn about the current crises the world is facing.

  • Purple Heart Day (Aug 7)
  • Spirit of ’45 Day (Second Sunday in August)
  • Navajo Code Talkers Day
  • Aviation Day (Aug 19)
  • Park Service Founders Day (Aug 25)
  • Ride The Wind Day (Aug 23)

Or, for businesses NOT in the clothing industry, publish mission-statement-friendly posts like these:

  • WebMistress Day (Aug 26)
  • Women’s Equality Day (Aug 26)

All things family

  • Grab Some Nuts Day (Aug 3)
  • Underwear Day (Aug 5)
  • Water Balloon Day (First Friday in August)
  • Lazy Day (Aug 10)
  • Tell a Joke Day (Aug 16)
  • Sneak Some Zucchini Into Your Neighbor’s Porch Day (Aug 8)
  • I LOVE My Feet Day! (Aug 17)
  • Blame Someone Else Day (First Friday the 13th of the year (Aug 13 in 2021))
  • International Beer Day (First Friday in August)
  • Beach Day (Aug 30)
  • Mail Order Catalog Day (Aug 18)


  • Power Rangers Day (Aug 26)
  • Book Lovers Day (Aug 9)
  • Left-Handers Day (Aug 13)


  • Work Like A Dog Day (Aug 5)
  • Never Bean Better Day (Aug 22)
  • Dog Day (Aug 26)
  • Totally irrelevant but nostalgic
  • International Mahjong Day (Aug 1)

Dog appreciation

  • Relaxation Day (Aug 15)
  • Thoughtful Day  (Aug 28)
  • Grief Awareness Day (Aug 30)
  • Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day (Aug 28)


  • National Dollar Day (Aug 8)
  • National Thrift Shop Day (Aug 17)

[Lots] more marketing ideas

Life is as broad as it gets, so anything related to simplifying works here. On this day in 1786, the US monetary system was established. A nice history lesson, but also a great marketing opportunity.