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FullStory + Convert: Identifying Conversion Roadblocks & Removing Them for Good.

28th Mar 2019 – Session replay tools like FullStory allow e-commerce websites (Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc.) to get a glimpse of what an actual user does during his or her stay on the site.

5 Ways SaaS Companies Use Quizzes to Engage Their Audience

27th Mar 2019 – Your website’s purchase conversion rate is 10%, your average sales value is 0 and your profit margin is 50%. What should be your maximum bid for a click on link ads?

How to Plan Your Content Marketing with Conversions in Mind

21st Mar 2019 – ContentCal helps you include your whole team into your social media marketing encouraging them to contribute to your brand’s channels. Each item in the checklist has a short description explaining why

Artificial Intelligence in A/B Testing: A Quick Look at What’s Going Down Right Now

13th May 2020 – Based on the inputs it is fed AI powered testing tools claim to deliver results with less visitors or traffic than traditional A/B testing solutions. The incorporation of AI into the

4 Things We Learned Analyzing Email Pop-Up Stats of 50 Online Retailers

13th Mar 2019 – The same applies if you choose to add a delay before your pop-up: If you’re still doubting these stats, here’s a real-life illustration at the website level. The second row aggregates

5 Effective Ways to Use Facebook’s New Trend Report to Boost Your 2019 Social Media Plan

11th Mar 2019 – Regardless of the size of their audience, many influencers are driving engagement with livestreams on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and more. We’ve all seen the studies. When it comes to brand loyalty,

13 Paid Search Pitfalls That Kill Your Conversion Rate

Blog/Growth Marketing 08th Mar 2019 – Keep these potential roadblocks in mind when setting up and managing your paid search campaign, and do your best to avoid them. Trust me – your conversion rates will

How Product Videos Can Affect Conversion Rates

04th Mar 2019 – Product videos can be a very useful resource for your website visitors or social media audience. Because of their interactive nature, they’re way more interesting than text. And they help to