Subscription models to retail media: How is ecommerce changing right now?

“This year… obviously people will want to go back to the shops… but we’ve enabled a whole new cohort of people out there who can now shop online regardless of what their age is, and

CommerceCo Recap: Podcast Endorsements Drive Traffic, Sales

“You have an opportunity to have a very intimate relationship in the audio channel. If anyone is going to listen to a podcast, in advance of listening he has searched for the content he’s interested

A day in the life of… Deanna Ballew, Chief Innovation Officer at Widen

3. Remember the empathy you felt toward your colleagues, customers, and users, and bring that forward, remembering everyone is in a different place. At the core, we are all humans, and we need to remember

6 Ways to Customize Your Facebook Dynamic Product Ads for Maximum Performance

Did you know you can have multiple images for each product in your feed and you can then turn that series of images into a slideshow? writing your ad text, Facebook allows you to pull

Optimising customer journeys and the role of smart martech

Join this webinar to hear from Econsultancy Editor Ben Davis, and Coveo Business Lead Ben Wild, as we discuss: We would like to communicate with you regarding the products and services of the Xeim Group

Digital Shift Q2 2021 Webinar

Agenda points for this session: Join this live Q2 Digital Shift Webinar, hosted by industry expert, Neil Perkin. This event highlights and discusses the key developments in digital marketing and ecommerce. The post Digital Shift

The Rising Value of Email Marketing and First Party Data [in a Cookie-less World]

To learn more about how your brand can implement a sophisticated first-party data strategy, contact us! And be sure to check out “The Future of the Web” to find out everything you need to know

Why Retail Media Must Be in Your 2021 Plan: Q&A with Criteo

Other trends besides the growth of ecommerce are also fueling retail media’s popularity. Advertisers need more places to access highly valuable consumer data and it is getting harder to do because of the new privacy

SEO: 10 FAQs for Internal Links

Yes. A blog or other content section should link to your ecommerce pages and vice versa. Links from high-authority pages have the most value. 10 FAQs for Internal Links 3. Which pages should I link

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