How (+ When & Why) to Update Your Google Business Listing

Google may have added the hours, but it’s a good idea to double-check and confirm them. Incorrect hours can easily lead to unhappy customers. To add or edit hours of operation: Google My Business account.

Will Social Commerce Disrupt Retail in U.S., Europe?

Nonetheless, it certainly impacts commerce. “I’m shocked that nobody has bought Target yet,” said Vaynerchuk. “I’m convinced that Facebook or TikTok or a content company will buy Target…It’s what Amazon has over everybody. I’m stunned

The secret to growing your ecommerce sales in 3rd party channels in 2021 Webinar

This makes product information and visual content all-important for brands. We’ll tell you how you ensure product content is accurate on the 3rd party channels you use. Join this webinar with Econsultancy to learn how

20+ Free April Marketing Ideas to Freshen Up Your Content Calendar

Themes and awareness causes that last throughout the month of  April include: marketing calendar by our friends at LOCALiQ. April holidays and awareness causes Cleaning Services should offer promotions or referrals for new or current

Sustainable Packaging Drives Customer Loyalty

The demand for more efficient and sustainable packaging is growing. Some of the fastest-growing brands are ahead of the game. Some of the best giveaways, though, are ones the customer earns or selects. Beauty brands

Hollywood Actor, Director Finds Success on Amazon

Morgan: A benefit of living in Los Angeles and being in the industry for a long time — my wife’s an actress and a star of a TV show — is that I know many

A day in the life of… Tommy Kelly, CEO of eShopWorld

In a way, the pandemic has given everyone a chance to reassess their work-life balance and has made us think differently about having healthier aspects as part of that balanced lifestyle, especially as we now

Three imperatives for B2B brands selling online in 2021

Leverage your customer data to provide a personalized customer experience with product recommendations and topical content. A PIM solution ensures your product information is accurate and consistent across all channels and powers adaptive merchandizing to

Changes to Google Ads Impact Campaign Setup

Google has recently announced three changes that will force advertisers to rethink how they set up campaigns. The changes are: Advertisers will need to reassess how they target audiences. Google currently provides interest-based audience targeting,

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