Chipotle is also leveraging BeReal to boost customer loyalty, primarily by offering customers special promo codes and content from their test kitchen.

What is BeReal?

For example, E.L.F launched its BeReal profile by announcing that the first 150 followers will receive a special discount code for their next purchase. The beauty brand now uses its profile to give peeks into office life and tease new product launches.

Gen Z and Millennials have called for an end to over-curated and algorithm-driven experiences offered by industry-leading social platforms like TikTok and Instagram. With this, the perfect environment for BeReal was born. 

While there may not be an opportunity for brands to run ads, there’s still an opportunity for companies to reinforce their brand personality and extend their storytelling. If done right, BeReal presents a unique opportunity for brands to authentically connect with the consumers by pulling back the curtain – and showing their customers what goes into making these brands work. Show off your team using those products in real-life situations. There’s nothing better than seeing people who work for the brand actually using the products and swearing by their effectiveness.

How Does BeReal Work?

Since the start of the year, the platform has seen 2.9M in daily active users and a 315% increase in downloads. Today, the platform touts itself as the leading platform for anti-likers and anti-filter feeds.
No filters, no editing, just “realness” is the message that BeReal is pushing for. Users can’t see their friends’ posts until they post themselves – reinforcing BeReal’s uniquely engaging and transparent selling point (and further promoting user engagement within the app).
“We see a massive opportunity to highlight our brand’s transparency in fun ways for our fans on BeReal.” – Tressie Lieberman, Vice President, Digital Marketing and Off-Premise at Chipotle Mexican Grill

Best Practices to Help Brands Stand Out on BeReal

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Consumers are more curious about what brands are doing to enhance their products. BeReal provides an opportunity to show off your testing process, products soon to be released, and ingredients used. This type of transparency is what audiences crave on the platform.
As BeReal continues to evolve and gain popularity, authenticity seems to be its core focus with no advertising opportunities formally announced as of August 2022. 

“The app allows users to stay more up to date with friends, capturing real moments that aren’t meant to be the highlight reel of your life. Unlike other social platforms, it’s ideal to only follow a small group of people so you can truly keep up with what they are doing daily.”

For brands that are curious, here are a few thought-starters for how to maximize your presence on BeReal: 
Show your team at work, in meetings, having team lunches, and having fun. This is especially useful for adding a human touch to your products – showcasing that your brand is the result of several individuals and / or teams working together. 
BeReal is fairly simple in comparison to other social apps today and that seems to be the reason why so many users are flocking to the platform. Once a day, BeReal will notify users to “BeReal” – meaning it is time for the user to take a photo on the BeReal app using the front and back camera to show their followers what they are doing at that moment. All posts are in photo form and the two minute window to post changes each day.
This means that utilizing BeReal as it is currently intended is the key to success on the platform. At Tinuiti, we will be monitoring how BeReal iterates over the next 6 to 12 months as it gains popularity and profitability becomes more of an incentive for shareholders. 
Despite the rapid user growth, BeReal does not generate any revenue, having no current capabilities for subscriptions or advertising placements (yet).

1. Personify Your Brand

BeReal is a social media app created in 2020 by former GoPro employee Alexis Barreyat. BeReal originally gained popularity outside the U.S. but by late July 2022, BeReal was the #1 free app in the iOS app store.

2. Pull Back the Curtain

Chelsea Dyjak, Associate Director of Paid Social at Tinuiti

3. Extend Your Brand Story


4. Test It Out!

Users are enjoying the uncut content provided by their friends and family and are looking for something similar from the companies that they support.
Reviews are a powerful tool for converting prospects into new customers so lean into your products’ unique selling points and prove that they’re effective.
If you have a versatile product, demonstrating the many use cases through BeReal will conjure credibility for the SKU and the brand itself.

What’s Next for BeReal?

For brands that have a strong mission story, show how your company lives those values in day-to-day life through candid captures. Many brands are doing more than just releasing products and services. Use BeReal to display a new store opening, brand activations, and any other brand extensions.
In the following blog post, we discuss what BeReal is, how the platform works, why it’s trending, and how brands can utilize the latest social media channel to improve customer relationships.

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