How to Set Up a Remote Office (On the Fly) Classy Bare Bones Style

Now that you’ve got the area worked out, you need to hunt for some books. Preferably bigger than your laptop. Magazines can work too. The goal here is to raise the height of your screen

#COVIDCRAP: All You Need to Know About Covid-19 Conversion Rate Aid Package

Are you a CRO expert and want to offer help? Just put your message out there as a LinkedIn post with the #COVIDCRAP. #CovidCRAP has nearly 60 CRO experts worldwide offering their help, free of

A/B Testing Doesn’t Impact SEO. At All. If You Do it Right.

Unfortunately, though, running experiments can cause some lag because a CRO tech stack (even a lean one) causes additional requests when a website is requested, and the resulting back and forth takes time. A/B testing

[CRO Test Idea] “Your Order is Corona Safe” eCommerce Banner

You should now have 3 short bullet point texts we’ll be using in the banner. You can do these steps alone or share the flow with your team members so they can expertly push it

Data Heroes in the War Against SARS-CoV-2: How the Open Source Community Responded to the Outbreak

Tesla also recently announced its plans to join GM to build ventilators and mask supplies. Want to be a part of a meaningful project addressing the COVID-19 crisis? Check out any of the projects above

7 A/B Testing Examples that Have Actually Worked (Made Possible with Convert Integrations)

Start by integrating Convert Experiences with your Shopify website. And set up goal tracking either via Google Analytics or manually. Then find out which areas of your store customers are having issues with by using

Ecommerce Trends Spotted Before, During and Post Lockdown: The Seven Stages of The Coronavirus Pandemic [Part 2]

Obvious behavior pattern shifts – an increase in streaming, the uptick in ecommerce and a gravitation toward online food delivery – were accelerating long before the novel coronavirus even existed. Even spending more time at

Ecommerce Trends Spotted Before, During and Post Lockdown: The Seven Stages of The Coronavirus Pandemic [Part 1]

Social distancing and self-isolation recommendations are decisively affecting the way we entertain ourselves. People turn to online audio and video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Spotify. With event venues, cinemas, museums (and even

Type I and Type II Errors: The Inevitable Errors in Optimization Experiments

Every once in a while, you WILL conclude an experiment wrongly. But that’s part of the testing process. Investigating and retesting or following up on your successful or failed experiments is one way to reaffirm

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