February 2021 Top 10: Our Most Popular Posts

Generating informative and meaningful content can strengthen a brand and provide value to its customers. There are many tools to help. Here is a collection of new and updated tools to write and distribute content.

FMCG brands are re-evaluating media strategies as consumers shift to online grocery shopping

Covid-19 has caused a significant shift in the way that consumers shop for goods – particularly Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, or FMCG, also known as Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG). I spoke to Julian Smith, Digital Marketing

8 Must-Know Microsoft Ads Tips to Get More Clicks and Conversions

While it’s difficult to provide convincing enough social proof in your search ad where there’s limited space, you can still include some social proof to your ad using a review extension. The extension allows you

11 TikTok Video Ideas for Merchants

Share product info. Have an ongoing sale? A new promotion? Something was out of stock but just came back in? Let your audience know. This is easy content. However, post non-promotional videos, too, so your

Tomlinson’s Feed: Fresh and Relevant after 75 Years

Knecht: Exactly. I grew up working in the business. I was out on the sales floor early on slinging that dog kibble. Then I went to the University of Texas at Austin and moved to

A day in the life of… Luka Zak and Joshua Brandon, co-founders of We Generate

For today’s ‘Day in the Life’, we hear from the two co-founder’s of We Generate – a creative marketing and talent representation agency – Luka Zak and Joshua Brandon. Here’s some insight into their company,

The best social stories & campaigns from February 2021

While the tweet itself was weird enough to gain some attention, containing little to no context or explanation, it was the response from other brands on the platform that has helped it accumulate more than

10 key challenges facing CRM marketers

However, he also explains how advertising won’t remain competitive without first-party data, and so expectations for CRM – and integrating it with paid media – are high.  Hannah Stacey suggests that this can be an

Major Brands Bet on DTC Ecommerce

PepsiCo launched PantryShop (shown here) and Snacks.com in May 2020 in less than 30 days. In November 2019, Nike stopped selling its goods wholesale to Amazon. The company was displeased that many unauthorized sellers continued

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