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How to Create An Optimization Process? A Guide to Building a Framework That Supports Consistent Growth

The purpose of your optimization program is to drive growth and achieve other business goals.  Now that your entire team and business has adopted an optimization first mindset, it is time to create an optimization

Will A/B Testing Impact Your Site Speed? Find Out Here

This means your experimentation service provider’s servers that host this content must be close to your users. Because we may relay data between your website and our servers and the integrations you use. For example,

Audience Targeting with A/B Testing: How Precise Can Your Audience Segments Get?

Not just that, if you run multiple experiments across your website, you’ll invariably experience test interference and your results can get skewed. Visitor behavioral data is a broad term and encompasses different data points for

Strengthening Online Presence for Creative Entrepreneurs

This is your store and an essential component of your organic traffic. As such, it should include a detailed catalog of all of your products and should be laid out in order to provide a

Analytics and A/B Testing Cookies — Only After Consent in Europe?

Defendant: Planet49 GmbH Nowadays, one might hide behind the strictly necessary’ cookie exemption. I even heard someone say “but our legal team said we can place the Google Analytics cookie without consent”. I was also

How to Prepare for the Coming Cookie Disruption — 6 Steps to Take

Assuming current privacy trends hold, we can be almost certain about a few things. Shortly, the use of third-party cookies will be limited, and users will have more control over their data. Most apps don’t

Changing Your A/B Testing Tool? Here are 12 Important Factors to Consider

Even with this hassle of calling the sales team for each tool on your consideration list, you still have to factor in the pricing model of these tools. Some tool providers use a pricing system

Personalization-at-Scale for B2B: Delivering 100,000 Unique Experiences to 100,000 Users

Just follow the revenue and you’ll know how many personalized versions would be enough. The rest of the leads can all go to your main, generic website and trickle through your regular sales funnel. Here,

5 Steps to Create the Perfect Customer Persona for Your Business

From increasing customer retention to driving higher engagement, building customer personas is an excellent way to boost your marketing and sales strategy. Content marketing has dramatically transformed over the past few decades. While some old-school