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From diversity to ‘seamless shoppability’: agency CEOs discuss the future of marketing and ecommerce

Here’s a run-down of the trends that the experts think will disrupt and shape the industry. “Let’s look at the definitions, how we do it and who our consumers are… because I am a consumer.”

7 [Non-Generic!] Customer Engagement Strategies & Examples

If you’re worried how the offers, discounts, and free shipping involved in a loyalty program might impact your bottom line, be sure to take into account the positive impacts of setting this up, too. HubSpot

Digital Shift Q4 2021Webinar

For details of we use the information you provide to us when you register for this webinar, please see our privacy policy here: Amazon hardware: with plentiful innovations in hardware this quarter, Amazon is taking

3 Rule-breaking Product Pages, Designed for Conversions

Millions of ecommerce sites look eerily similar. Merchants should consider their audience’s desires and behaviors to differentiate from competitors. Heat and tracking maps can provide valuable insight into where visitors leave. Detailed analytics tell us

7 Reasons to Start Using Facebook Conversions API (NOW) + How To Do It

Hopefully you now understand what the Facebook Conversions API is, how it compares to the Facebook Pixel, and why it’s essential for future-proofing your Facebook advertising strategy, See what additional data you might collect now,

The best social media campaigns from September 2021

Reddit has delivered its first ever UK ad campaign, following strong growth in engagement during the pandemic. The platform is looking to evolve its user base, with ‘a focus on marketing and partnerships’ and ultimately

Product Photography, Part 8: Composition Essentials

This type of offset image is useful because it creates a natural focal point that draws in viewers. Having the subject in one-third of the composition with the remaining two-thirds balanced with negative space is

The 36 Best Call to Action Phrases Ever (Real Examples +Tips!)

I also like the button copy of “Yes! It takes a village.” skip to the full, text-only list, I’ll understand. In the name of being forthright, let’s start with the blunt examples. Some key takeaways from

5 Content Marketing Ideas for November 2021

The D.B. Cooper mystery is intriguing. Recounting it could make sense for a D2C brand selling travel or skydiving gear. These pages can be both interesting to read and good for organic search rankings. What