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CommerceCo Recap: Tailor-made Shopping Experiences

Crate & Barrel also uses virtual photography to show shoppers what a couch would look like with custom fabric. “Ultimately, being able to present [the shirts] online to a customer that’s shopping online or even

4 Incredibly Useful YouTube Studio Reports You Won’t Find in Google Ads

Google Ads already has dedicated columns you can use to review the performance of your video campaigns. While these built-in columns are always helpful, sometimes you just need more information. This is where YouTube Studio

AirAsia is building the airline industry’s first super app. Should other travel businesses follow?

The second pillar, AirAsia Delivers, focuses on ecommerce and grocery services including a duty-free shop, food delivery, grocery delivery (AirAsia Fresh), beauty products and a ride-hailing service. Finally, the third pillar, AirAsia Money, is comprised

Dean McElwee on customer-centric ecommerce and ‘digital IQ’ in CPG

McElwee once again emphasises the importance of being where shoppers are rather than where the brand wants them to be. “You know, you’ll see a lot of CPG brands who don’t really want to play

Amazon Maintaining Strong Google Shopping Presence in US, but Paused in Canada

Canada is currently in the midst of a slower-than-expected vaccine rollout, with the largest province of Ontario under strict stay-at-home orders until at least June.  As such, Amazon is likely experiencing strong demand in the

Need More First-party Leads? Grow Your Email List

Successful reward programs include: Growing a subscriber list is now a marketing priority. Here are five ways to do that. 5 Ways to Grow an Email List There is no better type of first-party leads

Should You Use the New Google Ads Insights Page? [Pros and Cons]

There is a flipside to the page that comes into play from my perspective. Now obviously not every person advertising or using Google Ads will frequently use this tool but let’s say that a vast

Four trends in omnichannel beauty retail for 2021

According to survey findings featured in the report (based on a poll of 3,000 UK consumers), 91% of people want less packaging in beauty, while 88% want refillable packaging for cosmetics. Furthermore, it found that one in

What is Amazon Vine? [A Closer Look At The New and Improved Vine Experience]

 Between May 17 and June 9, Amazon will launch a new and improved Vine experience with important changes to the program. The new experience will feature: If you have not created a Vine shipment yet